Thank you. Thank you for selecting our file to read and to study. Knowing that you are actually reading this gives us hope; hope that maybe our dream of having a child to love, teach and nurture may soon be realized. Perhaps we will have the opportunity of making your dreams for this child come true.

Lawrence and I met at Chiropractic College serving on student council together. He was president and I was vice-president. We discovered we had a lot in common and I often joke that once we figured out who the “president” of the relationship was our future was set. We both grew up as Christians, going to church, to the cottage on the weekends in the summer, taking music lessons, playing sports and spending lots of time with family and friends. People often tell us what great parents they think we will be and we’re so anxious for the opportunity to begin. We know that no one can be the “perfect” parent so we are prepared to learn, grow and draw on the wonderful resources we have. We spend a lot of time practicing with our 8 god-children and now our nephew Lucas whose birth I was privileged to attend.

Lawrence heard someone’s life creed the other day and after he shared it with me, I realized I had to share it with you because it will give you an idea of who we are. “Love God, serve others, and have a blast.”

Love God - We will baptize our child at Grace Lutheran Church where Lawrence and his family have attended for most of his life, where we were married and currently attend. I am from Ontario and Grace Lutheran became a place to call home very quickly. I joined the contemporary worship group to sing and play guitar, Lawrence joined their hockey team and this became, and still is, the centre of our social life. When our child arrives they will become part of this wonderful family, and we will become involved with Sunday School and Youth Group as they become old enough to participate. Our Sunday ritual often includes lunch with family and/or friends. We look forward to having our child with us.

Serve Others - Lawrence and I are both Chiropractors because of circumstances in our lives that “called” us to this work. Chiropractic changed our lives first as patients, then as fellow students who found each other and now everyday in our practice as we serve our patients. Our mission is to help as many people as possible achieve their health care goals through the highest quality of chiropractic care. We never turn anyone away because of their inability to pay and we are involved with events like our annual “Helping Hands Day” when we give adjustments for the price of non-perishable foods for the local food bank. For ten years we each had our own practices but last year Lawrence sold his practice so that we could practice together in Steinbach and create a life with more time for each other and our family. We have learned a lot working together this year and we are constantly perfecting how we manage work, marriage, church etc. For help in this we have Dr. Fred Schofield and his trainings in Phoenix. When you come to our home the first thing you will notice is our Rhinoceros collection. Dr. Fred has taught us to live like Rhino’s. In short, this means, make your own path in the jungle, use your horn for protection not aggression, and have two inch thick skin so you can get right back up after being hit by a torpedo.

We also serve others through our church and have been involved with committees, council, and bible studies. Lawrence is also very involved in the sports aspect of chiropractic. He has his sports fellowship and combined with a lot of volunteering and hard work he was chosen to go to Greece for the 2004 Olympics as the chiropractor for team Canada. I’m very proud of him.

Have a Blast - My favourite thing about Lawrence and I is how much we laugh. My sister used to be able to find me at school by my laugh (it’s very unique), and Lawrence and I have always had an easy time laughing together. Our fun has ranged from sharing a bucket of KFC and a bottle of wine to bungee jumping in New Zealand. Several years ago when life was too busy and we were spending too much time on our cell phones with each other we decided to make Monday night “Our” night. We agreed to be home by 7:30pm, not to answer the phone or turn on the T.V. and sit down to a nice meal together . We still carry on this tradition and everyone knows we don’t answer the phone or make any other plans on Monday nights.

Some of our other “fun” traditions include what you see in our pictures. Weekends at the lake, skiing, scuba diving, golfing, waterskiing and dancing are a few of the things we enjoy. If there is a dance floor, I’m on it. I took ballet for 12 yrs and it taught me self-confidence, discipline, body awareness and an appreciation for fitness. I work out at the local gym and enjoy weights and aerobics and Lawrence has run 3 marathons while I cheer him on. Since I’ve known Lawrence I have been inspired to learn how to golf, scuba dive, and downhill ski. I haven’t mastered waterskiing yet, but it’s on the list. We hope that our children will enjoy doing these types of things with us and that they will discover an activity they enjoy early in their lives. Whether it is art, sports, ballet or music, we will have a great time helping them achieve their goals.

We have a 5 acre lot on the perimeter highway that we plan to build our dream home on. This house will be for our children, with a pool, big screen T.V., and two fridges (one for family needs and one for goodies/beverages for the kids!). We want our house to be the hub for the kids and their friends. The kitchen will be big so that the kids can do their homework close to me while I’m making supper and we can talk about their day. Family meals will be extremely important and I hope to have Friday night family traditions like movie and popcorn nights, or board game night. We will be the type of parents that dress up for Halloween and have a great time decorating the Christmas tree with our children, reading together and learning together. We want to be available to our children whenever they need us and give them the confidence to move forward in their lives independent, self-sufficient and secure in our love and support. We were both raised in homes with clearly defined rules and are firm believers in setting rules and consequences for our children.

We see Lawrence’s family at least 2x/month and mine less frequently just due to the distance. My parents moved to their cottage in Ontario a few years back and now split the year between “camp” and their home in Florida (about 3hrs from Disneyland), so we’ve started a tradition of spending every second Christmas in Florida with them. Both our parents are anxious to be grandparents and we know how much they look forward to spending time with their newest grandchild.

Only God knows why we don’t yet have a child. Maybe you are part of His plan for us. We both believe that we have been wonderfully blessed and everything that we currently have is a gift from God. We hope and pray that He will guide you in your decision. A child would be our most precious gift and blessing. Please feel free to call us at 204-255-4122 or email us.

God Bless you and your child.

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